Cristina Cleghorn

Steering Group

Dr Cristina Cleghorn works in the Department of Public Health at the University of Otago in Wellington.

Cristina is a Public Health Nutrition Researcher with a strong interest in sustainable nutrition and the prevention of chronic disease through diet, physical activity and tobacco control. In her current role as a senior research fellow in the Burden of Disease Epidemiology, Equity and Cost-Effectiveness Programme (BODE³), Cristina is working on the modelling of burden of disease, intervention effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of dietary interventions in the New Zealand population. She leads a Healthier Lives funded project on assessing the health and environmental benefits of sustainable NZ diets.

She has supervised a BMedSci student, Jono Drew, on his thesis entitled “Healthy and Sustainable Eating Patterns for New Zealand”. This work now allows for the quantification of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with dietary consumption of New Zealanders and can be used to measure the impact on emissions of various dietary interventions.

She completed her PhD investigating the relationships between agrobiodiversity, dietary diversity and nutritional status in Tanzania.


  • Public health nutrition
  • Sustainable diets


Relevant publications and conference presentations:

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