Rhys Jones

Tangata Whenua Co-Director

Rhys Jones (Ngāti Kahungunu) is a public health physician and Senior Lecturer in Māori Health at the University of Auckland. His research addresses Indigenous health and health equity with a particular focus on environmental influences on Māori health and wellbeing. He is currently undertaking doctoral research examining climate change mitigation policy and its impacts on Māori health and health equity.

Rhys is a passionate advocate for action on the social determinants of health, equity and Indigenous rights. Rhys was a founding Co-Convenor of OraTaiao: The New Zealand Climate and Health Council, a health professional organisation focusing on the health challenges of climate change and the health opportunities of climate action.


  • Māori and Indigenous health
  • Climate change and health

 Email: rg.jones@auckland.ac.nz

Relevant publications and conference presentations:

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